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RobotLab: The Card Game
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A deceptively simple robot-building race for SCIENCE!

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$13,321.14 / 475 backers
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Learn About Our Project:

Do you love card games, science or ROBOTS? 

If you answered yes to any of those then you’ll love RobotLab!

RobotLab is a STEM-inspired, color-matching, robot-building card game. It’s made for 2-5 players, takes just a few minutes to learn, 15 minutes to play and is for ages 6 and up.

Devol Institute (aka Robot Lab!)
Devol Institute (aka Robot Lab!)

In RobotLab, you’re a scientist racing to build your robot and win the coveted Devol Prize in Robotics! Along the way you'll need to do some research, dig through the trash, deal with some faulty parts, and do your best to avoid the other scientists trying to stop you. Will you become the first to successfully complete your robot? Let’s get in the lab and find out! 

RobotLab takes its game inspiration from board building games like Settlers of Catan, deck building games like Star Realms, and semi-competitive party games like Exploding Kittens. It’s designed to be simple enough to learn in just a few minutes, yet complex enough for advanced gamers to enjoy.

Why is RobotLab Awesome? 

  • Focused on Playing - We focused RobotLab's gameplay on the two best parts of card games: playing cards & drawing cards. In RobotLab the right move is usually playing your cards, not passing your turn. 
  • Scalable Gameplay - RobotLab is designed for players as young as 6 with enough strategic depth that it’s still fun & exciting for experienced tabletop gamers. You can start playing it with your kids when they are learning to read and understand games, and still be playing it with them when they’re old enough to beat you easily. 
  • Deceptively Simple - There’s one goal in RobotLab: build your robot first! While you’re doing that your opponent has plenty of options to try and stop you. Anything from sneaking into your workshop and installing the wrong parts on your robot, to causing your robot to malfunction is fair game. However, with a little research, you can pull ahead.


What's in the Game:


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Ok, How do you play?

We're glad you asked!

Goal: Be the first to build a robot of one color. You’ll need One Head, Two Arms, and Two Legs

Card Types

These parts are how you'll build your Robot. There are 5 colors and 3 part types: heads, arms, and legs!
These parts are how you'll build your Robot. There are 5 colors and 3 part types: heads, arms, and legs!


These are cards that let you do things like look at extra cards or sabotage your opponent.
These are cards that let you do things like look at extra cards or sabotage your opponent.


  • Build - You can do ONE thing - Either play a Part or play an Action card. That’s it! Just play one - it’s that simple. 
  • Discard - You can discard as many cards as you want from your hand as long as they are all the same color. You can also get rid of any action cards you don’t want to keep. 
  • Draw - You end your turn by drawing cards! Simply draw enough cards to have 5 cards in your hand, and your turn is done.
These are Bonus Actions. They can be played at any time - even during your opponent's turn
These are Bonus Actions. They can be played at any time - even during your opponent's turn

Outwit your fellow scientists, find the right parts and you'll be on your way to winning the accolades of the robotics community and the world!

2-player game demo video: 



We really want RobotLab to be a success. We want to deliver on time and within budget, and we also want to get this game to as many people as possible. Our rewards tiers are designed with the top priority being to get you a complete game.


$1 - Supporter

Love robots and just want to give us some support and help ensure that everyone else gets the game? WELL AREN'T YOU AWESOME! As a Thank You we will include your name on our supporters list that ships with the game and send you a virtual robot high-five! 


$5 - Researcher (Print & Play)

Love robots but prefer to print the game yourself? Well here ya go! As a bonus, your $5 contribution will still help ensure that other people get the game. GO YOU! And as a Thank You we will include your name on our supporters list that ships with the game and send you a virtual robot high-five!


$15 - Inventor (Physical Copy)

You know how I know that you love robots? BECAUSE YOU BOUGHT THE GAME! This is the game! You get one physical copy of the game. That's 85 cards made up of Robot Parts, Action Cards and Robot Bodies printed on sturdy 300 GSM card stock (to make sure it lasts through lots and lots of play throughs). 


And as a Thank You we will include your name on our supporters list that ships with the game and send you a virtual robot high-five! 

(P.S. You can also get additional copies for $15 each if you'd like - just add it to your pledge.)


$30 - Philanthropist (Get One, Donate One)

You get the game and so does someone else! With this tier we'll send you one copy of RobotLab: The Card Game and we'll donate a copy of the game to one of our charitable partners. 

Current partners: Chicago Public LibraryLurie's Hospital for ChildrenAdvocate Children's HospitalExtra Life & The Night Ministry

If your organization would like to receive donated copies of RobotLab - Please let us know.


And as a Thank You we will include your name on our supporters list that ships with the game and send you a virtual robot high-five! 

(P.S. You can also get additional copies for yourself or to donate to our charity partners for $15 each if you'd like - just add the appropriate amount to your pledge and we'll get the details sorted with you after the campaign is over.)



For reward tiers with physical delivery, shipping costs to various areas are as follows:

US: $5
Canada: $10
International: $15

For our European Union backers: This project will ship from within the EU with no additional customs charges and VAT is included in the shipping cost.



Phew. Well if all that wasn't enough for you - don't fret! We do indeed have stretch goals! HERE THEY ARE!



So, you might be wondering... That Mad Scientist card; what does THAT do?

Having trouble finishing your robot? Stuck on a tough problem and don't know what to do next? Then bring in Devol Institute's resident scientist to help ya out.

But, be warned: He's spent way to many hours tweaking samoflanges, mixing pre-framulated amulite and adjusting roto-hydrators. So, he's a little off his rocker...


We reached our first Stretch Goal so we have added ONE copy of Mad Scientist to every deck of RobotLab. (We'll also make him part of the print-and-play reward.)

Goal #1 - COMPLETE - 125% Funded: Mad Scientist Promo Card 

Our other two stretch goals result in a higher quality product for you. Since both of them add cost to our production; the goals are a bit higher.

Goal #2 - COMPLETE - 3 Challenges Completed: Upgraded card stock from a Gloss Finish 270 GSM White Core to a super nice Linen Finish 300 GSM White Core. 

Goal #3 - 150% Funded: Upgraded packaging from a simple tuck box to a super sturdy, laminated, two-part, chipboard box.



With 9 days left in the campaign we unveiled 9 challenges that our fans can complete. For every three challenges completed we'll unlock one of our stretch goals.

These stack! So, now that we hit our funding level for Mad Scientist and at least 3 challenges are completed: Two Stretch Goals are unlocked. Just 3 more Challenges or $13,500 in total funding and ALL STRETCH GOALS will be unlocked!


3 Down!
3 Down!

The first 4 are all about how many fans we can get to follow us on various platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and BoardGameGeek. 

The next 5 are all activities that you'll need to document and post on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts. 

Just be sure to tag us by using #RobotLabCG so we are sure to see what awesome thing you did.

Here's the Full List of Challenges:

Social Challenges:

Activity Challenges:

  • COMPLETE! 5 Robot Selfies (That's a selfie of you with a robot)
  • COMPLETE! 5 Robot Drawings (That's original drawings made by you - not just ANY robot drawing)
  • 3 Videos of fans doing the Robot (Ya know, the dance...)
  • 3 Videos of fans signing "Mr Roboto"
  • 3 Videos of fans impersonating a famous robot (Do your best Wall-E, Johnny 5, C-3PO, Terminator, etc...)

REMEMBER: Tag your Photos and Videos with #RobotLabCG



Just high five one of these robots and they'll connect ya to our social stuff.










Why are we doing this? 

We love games and robots! Also, we think tabletop gaming is important to the world. It provides a great excuse to put down your phone, turn off the TV, and gather around a table with friends and family. 

This Kickstarter not only helps make RobotLab a reality, but also jumpstarts our game company, XYZ Game Labs. Our mission is to make tabletop gaming accessible to more people. We want to design and publish entry-level games that are also enjoyable for experienced gamers. With our first game, we set out to make a high quality, simple to learn, super fun game that was great for kids and adults. We think RobotLab is that game. 

We're using Kickstarter to get our game launched for 3 reasons:

Validation: We believe that both Robots and this game are awesome. However, our opinion about that matters a lot less than yours. If you believe those things too, then back us and help us bring this game to life.

Exposure: In order to make tabletop gaming accessible to more people we have to do more than just design a super fun, adorable, easy to play but hard to master game - We also have to get into as many hands as possible. Kickstarter is a way for us to get exposure for the game and reach a large market.

Quality: My dad used to say to me: "Don't half-ass it son." Well, he was right. If you're going to do something: DO IT RIGHT. We've crunched the numbers, talked to production vendors and fulfillment houses, we've worked with exceptionally talented artists and consulted every game maker and industry expert that would return our phone calls. We've done everything we can to make this game look, feel, and play awesome. All of that does come at a price. It just so happens that price is the same as our Kickstarter Goal! 

So back us and help us bring RobotLab: The Card Game to life!


Hungry for more? Here's a few interviews with Team RobotLab:

Interview with Fox6 News @ Midwinter Gaming Convention:


Interview with Game Centric TV:


Latest Updates from Our Project:

about 1 month ago – Thu, Apr 27, 2017 at 12:16:00 AM


It's about 3 weeks since the last update. Which is kind of a long time... but things have been moving along smoothly!

Everyone should have received their Official RobotLab Print & Play by now - if you haven't; be sure to let us know...

Backerkit Surveys close in about 12 days and so far 90% of you have filled it out! GOOD JORB! There's only about 50 people left to go. 

Just a reminder that if we don't have your address then it'll be really hard to send you your game and the best way to make sure we have your address is to update your pledge on Backerkit. (If you don't know what I'm talking about then just go to this link and put your email address in:

Other than that the big item to update you on is our Digital Proofs! 

We've received and signed off on the digital proofs of all the cards, the rulebook and the box!

Here are some samples:



BOX BACK (Well... part of it...)


CARD FILE PROOF (Just a sample...)


So, there are some samples of the product. Are you excited? 'CAUSE WE ARE!

The next step for us here is to receive a physical copy to review and when we do we'll be sure to share those pictures ASAP! (Good or bad...)

In the meantime while we wait to get our physical proof we're already hard at work on what comes after RobotLab. What does that mean? Well you're gonna have to wait to find out. But let's just say it involves something old AND something new... Onward!


As always here is our handy Progress List!

  • COMPLETE - Receive Funds from Kickstarter 
  • COMPLETE - Finalize Card & Art Files 
  • COMPLETE - Finalize Rulebook & Box 
  • COMPLETE - Create Print and Play Version 
  • COMPLETE - Send Backerkit Survey
  • IN PROGRESS - Finalize Pledges (May 7th - Don't Forget!)
  • COMPLETE - Review & Approve Digital Proofs
  • Review & Approve Physical Proofs 
  • Release to Printer


That's it! 

Thanks for reading and we'll talk to you again in a couple weeks!

- Team RobotLab

about 2 months ago – Mon, Apr 03, 2017 at 10:43:35 PM


In the two weeks since we last sent an update SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED!

1: We formed a new game publishing company

2: We finished the Box & Rule Book Design

3: We created the Print & Play version of the game

4: We finished setting up the Backerkit Survey



Item 1: New Company! Same RobotLab.

We'd like you to meet XYZ Game Labs! Thanks to the success of this Kickstarter we've formed a new game publishing company that will be the official publisher of RobotLab: The Card Game. Woo!

XYZ Game Labs Official Logo
XYZ Game Labs Official Logo


Item 2: Rulebook & Box

This is the box!

We have a box!
We have a box!


This is a sample of the rule book!

Rulebook Sample
Rulebook Sample


Item 3: Print & Play

I know we said March 2017 for this reward. Sorry to say it's taken just a bit longer than expected to get this assembled and our Print & Play ended up being just a FEW days late. 

But, it's ready to go!

It'll be available for download shortly after our surveys go out.


Item 4: Surveys



(*if you backed us)

We're gonna be sending out surveys very soon. If you don't see it by Friday: Message us and let us know. Because then something broke.

We'll be using Backerkit to process our backer information. Through that process you'll be able to do all sorts of things! Change your pledge level, update your address and email, donate additional copies to our partners OR buy some more copies for you and your friends. 

In that super great survey you'll also see some new hotness! (We mentioned these in our last update but figured we'll mention them again..)


RobotLab Logo Stickers:


RobotLab Art Prints:


PHEW! That was a lot of stuff...

So, here is where we are in the process:

  • COMPLETE - Receive Funds from Kickstarter 
  • COMPLETE - Finalize Card & Art Files 
  • COMPLETE - Finalize Rulebook & Box 
  • COMPLETE - Create Print and Play Version 
  • IN PROGRESS - Send Backerkit Survey & Finalize Pledges 
  • IN PROGRESS - Review & Approve Proofs from AdMagic 
  • Release to Printer

Thanks Again Everyone - We'll be talking to you again soon!

-Team RobotLab

2 months ago – Mon, Mar 20, 2017 at 11:33:32 PM


It’s been 30 days since you last heard from us - that is too long. Sorry about that. We’ll be giving you updates at least every two weeks from now on. 

Let's start this off with a big announcement:


Thanks to all our backers + our pre-order sales at Capricon37 we raised just over $14,000. Which means every copy of RobotLab will come on premium card stock, include Mad Scientist AND be in a premium two-part chipboard box.



Now on to business: 

In the last few weeks we’ve been prepping our game for production and came across a small hiccup.. Originally we planned on having a thin black border around the edge of each card. But as we moved into production it became apparent that our intended border was just too thin to pass the cut tolerance limits with our printing vendor. 

Our options were to increase border thickness by about double OR remove the border altogether.


We’ve chosen to remove the border.

However, this change meant that all 35+ art files that we had been pre-prepped for production now needed to be edited. That work is the primary reason you have not yet heard from us.

But not to worry! That extra work has not affected our delivery timeline - we gave ourselves quite a bit of pre-production time just in case something like this happened. 


What's Next: 

Here’s where we are in the process: 

  • COMPLETE - Receive Funds from Kickstarter 
  • COMPLETE - Finalize Card & Art Files 
  • IN PROGRESS - Finalize Rulebook & Box 
  • IN PROGRESS - Create Print and Play Version 
  • IN PROGRESS - Send Backerkit Survey & Finalize Pledges 
  • Review & Approve Proofs from AdMagic 
  • Release to Printer


New Stuff!

Backerkit - We'll be sending out surveys to everyone in the next two weeks. So be on the lookout!

Print & Play - This is on schedule for release by the end of the month.

Pre-Orders & Ordering Additional Copies - Both will be available shortly after the Backerkit surveys are sent out.


Stickers & Posters! 

Both will be available for purchase when you finalize your pledge information.

Official RobotLab Stickers!

3"x4" High Quality, Die Cut, Full Color and Laminated!
3"x4" High Quality, Die Cut, Full Color and Laminated!


First Edition RobotLab Prints!

11x17 Full Color Poster Prints
11x17 Full Color Poster Prints



If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!

- Team RobotLab

3 months ago – Sun, Feb 19, 2017 at 11:07:16 PM



Because of you, WE'RE ALL GONNA GET TO MAKE ROBOTS! We sincerely thank every single one of you. Now that the campaign is over your work is done, but ours isn't.

What's Next:

Over the coming days and weeks you'll be hearing from us regularly. Here is what's lined up for the next 30 days:

  • Wrap Up Payments & Pledges
  • Finalize Card & Art Files
  • Finalize Rulebook & Box
  • Review & Approve Proofs from AdMagic
  • Release to Printer

For now all you need to do is sit back, relax, and dream about robots.

-Team RobotLab

3 months ago – Sun, Feb 19, 2017 at 09:08:04 PM


The BoardGameGeek Fan Challenge is complete which means we have 3 Challenges down and stretch goal #2 is UNLOCKED!  

Every copy of RobotLab: The Card Game will now be printed on Premium 300 GSM White Core Linen Finish card stock.

That has moved up the goal for the last stretch goal - Premium Packaging. We need $13,500 in total funding to upgrade every copy to have a two-part laminated chip board box.

We're only $834 away from unlocking EVERY SINGLE STRETCH GOAL!


We've got 7 Hours to go. LET'S DO THIS!

- Team RobotLab

Updated Challenge Tracker: